Safe Consumer Computing

(updated 03/21/2005)

Many times, I get asked, "I have a new PC and a broadband connection, so why is it slower than before?"

Most people do not realize the power of the PC and Internet as tools for hackers: Now, combine the above statements along with the idea that some people may actually be trying to get into your computer and grab anything they find valuable. Or they may just see your always-on broadband connection as a 'patsy' for their illegal activities. The fact that your computer has gotten slower since you upgraded to broadband is only an indication that someone has been in there and waiting for you to open that door. Your computer performance is the least of your worries! In the end, you are responsible for anything that occurs through your computer; just as you are responsible for anyone you serve liquor to in your house.

The following pages are designed to teach the normal computer consumer to be aware of their computer surroundings -- hopefully without the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) factor.

Awareness is 80% of the solution, Action is the other 20%

John C. Checco, CISSP